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Casa Performance: X900


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PREORDER NOW! Complete Casatronic Ducati 12V electronic ignition kit for SMALL CONE crankshafts, for all Lambretta S1 LI + S2 LI TV + S3 LI SX TV GT Special + Serveta models

The principal advantages of the Casatronic Ducati ignition are as follows:

12V with a true 120W output even from very low revs
AC and DC output
- digital system with variable advance
- single spark per rotation
12-pole stator plate
- internal pick-up
- CNC manufactured + balanced flywheel
- die-cast stator plate base
- die-cast fan
- incredibly easy to fit
- no setting of the ignition timing required
- plug ‘n’ play wiring connections
- European manufacture and quality
- one-piece small cone flywheel
- flywheel weight for the small cone kit = 2.8kg
- CDI with mapping for Standard type (i.e untuned) motors

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