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BGM: 8030572



This is the all-new, version 4.0 replacement 12v stator plate for electronic ignitions. This is a direct replacement for a faulty Indian stator or can be made to fit with a lightened AF type flywheel. Enjoy brighter lights, clean ignition, a bit more power, clean solder joints, and no more crappy Indian components. Includes black and grey cable covers with plenty of wire to accommodate any electronic mounting arrangement. Also comes with the end connectors detached so you can route your cables first and then crimp the wires. Full color instruction/installation manual included for SIL and AF flywheels.

Improvements in this latest version include:

  • Retooled and reinforced base plate providing greater strength
  • Enlarged slots for greater timing adjustability
  • Greater pickup height adjustment with provided 0.5mm shims
  • Standard grey sleeving with optional black sleeving included

The BEST electronic stator plate on the market PERIOD.

A few simple things to keep in mind when fitting this stator. The BGM stator is meant as a direct replacement for an SIL stator. It is meant to be paired with an SIL flywheel as this has more clearance for the pickup. Lambretta electronic ignitions have now been made in various countries by a number of different companies. Small differences between the flywheels mean that it is not possible to have a "one-fits-all" stator solution. Some minor modifications may be required, especially if paired with an AF light flywheel. Fitting and problem solving for this are included with the stator.

Please note that API and SIL flywheels do not interchange. You cannot use an API flywheel with an SIL or BGM stator.

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