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BGM: 7700009



Powerful 6v LED rear light reflector from BGM in Germany. Provides a steady bright light for your rear brake allowing you to be seen clearly at night. Designed to fit Series 1 and early Series 2 rear light units.

Wiring is as follows:  

Black = Earth
Yellow = Rear Light (black on loom)
Red = Brake Light (pink or red on loom)

Check with multi meter, ohms reading should be 0 for a good ground. Make sure your ground is connected solidly to bare metal on the frame. If the rear light is not grounded well you stand a good chance of frying the circuit board. Does not work with original unregulated 6V systems! To run on an unregulated system, these need to be fitted with a 6v regulator (BGM6696) to absorb the peaks of the lightning system - either directly off the stator or directly before the rear light. Otherwise the LEDs will be damaged.

All units are tested before being shipped.


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