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Superior gearbox oil for all Series 1-3 Lambrettas. We are satisfied that this gearbox oil is the best that can be used in a Lambretta, whether its a standard Li 125 or full race-tuned 250 Lambretta. And Yes, It does mix with regular gearbox oil (eg ST90) but we would recommend a complete oil change if using Maxima MTL-E85 for the first time to take advantage of all the benefits of this oil. 1 liter bottle.

For all air and water-cooled 2-stroke and 4-stroke transmissions with wet clutch systems.

Reduces clutch slip.

With additives to keep the engine components clean,

MTL-E 85 has been significantly improved with new technologically advanced additive systems that drastically improve clutch life and reduce slippage. While accomplishing this, MTL provides outstanding anti-wear protection and lubrication to the transmission as well. This new formula has been extensively tested on the race track by Maxima.

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