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Same as the larger 1 liter bottle of K2 oil we sell, this one comes in a nice tidy 16oz. size that fits perfectly into any Lambretta Series 1-3 tool box.

Maxima Formula K2 is a very high performance 100% synthetic 2-stroke lubricant utilizing 2000 centistoke esters along with special additives to achieve outstanding levels of protection and cleanliness, reduced friction and wear, ring sticking and exhaust carbon are virtually eliminated and also provides higher levels of rust and corrosion protection.

Maxima K2 fully synthetic oil exceeds all other oils and has improved lubrication properties helping with today's low quality petrol! 

Not ALL synthetic oils are the same!!!  please read.

Some Basic Facts about Oil: There are five different groups of base oil.

Group 1 Solvent frozen mineral oil - is the least processed and lowest cost.

Group 2 Hydro processed and refined mineral oil-most common of petrol based oils

Group 3 Hydro-isomerises synthetics- starts as group 1 petroleum based, then processed to remove impurities and hydrocarbon polymers, improving the thermal and oxidative stability over group 1 and 2. This is the lowest cost synthetic oil.

Group 4 PAO (Polyalpaolefin) produced by breaking down petroleum based oil and reforming molecules into polymers in a planned manner. They have low pour points (thinner), greater stability (works better under high heat) and greater resistance to thermal oxidation than group 1, 2, and 3.

Group 5 Esters-produced by reacting an alcohol with an animal or plant based fatty acid into structured polymers (esters, diesters), superior film strength. Esters are polar and actually CLING TO METAL, they are the most expensive to produce.
(Maxima K2-Formula is a group 5 oil)

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