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Innocenti: 19710030
BGM: BGM7950



New silentblocks (mounts) from BGM in Germany. These feature different levels of hardness for the left and right engine mounts as one side is heavier and takes more of a beating.

From BGM... We were so unhappy with all the remade engine mounts for the Lambretta that we decided to do our own ones. We tested different grades of rubber hardness and different hardness on left hand side and right hand side. Now we think we have found the perfect stiffness to cut down vibrations. Delivery is always as a pair. They come with indication moulded into the rubber, if it is for left (L) side or right (R). Additionally there is an arrow that shows mounting position, arrow should face to the top. With the bgm crankshaft, balanced bgm flywheel and a lightweight piston you can now have a super smooth running engine at every rev range.

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