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BGM: BGM2225



This is the MRB designed RaceTour 225cc cylinder kit for all Lambretta large engine casings (200cc). There is also a 195cc cylinder kit for all 125-175cc casings as well. Both offer significant improvements with respect to power:

  • Giving around 14 hp with 22 mm carb and Clubman exhaust*
  • Giving around 15-20 hp with 24/25 mm carb and Clubman exhaust*
  • Giving around 16-24 hp with 28/30 mm carb and Clubman exhaust*
  • Giving around 18-24 hp with 28/30 mm carb and Dev-Tour exhaust

This kit is a design of Mark Broadhurst for fast road use. The engines are easy to ride and feel like an original Innocenti Lambretta engine with double the power of a standard 200 cc engine. The kit is easy to fit and comes with all the needed studs, washers, gaskets and so on.


  • Ceramic plated alloy barrel
  • Four point fixing for the exhaust stub
  • 200cc inlet manifold stud spacing on small and large block barrels
  • Forged piston kit with O = 65 mm on 195 cc kit, O = 70 mm on 225 cc kit
  • Two 1 mm piston rings in best Japanese quality
  • Fully CNC machined anti warp head made from billet alloy with recess into bore and four additional fixing screws (8 fixings in total). Made in Germany.
  • Compression ratio for highest reliability
  • Porting spec for high powered touring with lots of torque and wide power band
  • Improved fuel economy saves money paying for the kit long term
  • Improved casting thickness around the cylinder head and base gasket, so it can be easily tuned for full Stage 6 spec giving around 36 hp

*Higher Clubman figures are achieved with the bgm MRB Big Box Clubman.


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