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BGM: BGM210901


Typically ships in 5-10 days. If you have any questions please contact us.


All-new, redesigned from the ground up, 12v electronic flywheel from BGM. Quite easily, the best flywheel ever made for a Lambretta. This flywheel features a unique one-piece flywheel design (no rivets! no screws!) and one-piece magnet (no misalignment, no magnets coming loose). All perfectly balanced and weighing in at 2kg. Works with BGM, SIL, AF, and other SIL-type 12v stators. CNC machined, designed and made in Germany. This flywheel fits the Li/TV/SX taper crankshaft and accepts the DL/GP type flywheel nut and washer.

Key Features:

  • 2kg ideal flywheel weight
  • Perfectly balanced
  • One piece design means no rivets or screws to shear loose and no magnets to come unglued
  • Accurate flywheel degree timing marks imprinted on edge for easy setup
  • Torque of inertia 6240 kg / mm² (-5%)
  • Imbalance test < 100 gmm
  • Burst test 24.000 rpm
  • Modified fin design for better cooling

Please note that some flywheel pullers are not long enough to pull the BGM flywheel. The ones we stock are long enough but you may find yours needs a longer center bolt to work properly.

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