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Dellorto PHBG 20mm 2T clamp on carburator kit. These are the perfect upgrade for worn out orginal Dellorto carbs on any 125cc to 175cc engine. You get a more modern design, increased performance and reliability. A far superiour alternative then "upgrading" to a crummy Indian Jetex carb or trying to find replacement parts for a carburetor no longer supported by Dellorto. Clamps onto a reworked original intake manifold just as originals do and can be used with your airbox for a completely stock look. For carb replacement on any 185cc to 210cc engine, we reccommend the Dellorto PHBL 24mm carburetor kits.

To mount the PHBG carburetor you need to have your existing manifold machined down to size. We offer both Series 2 original manifolds and Series 3 original manifolds machined and ready to go. You may also send us your manifold for machining ($25) or as an exchange on any ready-machined manifold ($15 discount). We also carry a full selection of jets and spares.

Factory standard jetting:

  • Slide: 40
  • Needle: W7
  • Main jet: 90
  • Atomizer: AU 262
  • Idle jet: 50
  • Choke jet: 60

Complete carb kit includes the following:

  • Dellorto PHBG 20mm carburetor
  • Dellorto cable choke conversion kit
  • Dellorto 90 degree throttle elbow assembly
  • Dellorto PHBG air hose adaptor
  • Casa Lambretta GP125 air hose
  • Pair of quality air hose clamps
  • Pair of 3mm clear overflow tubes (not pictured)
  • One foot of clear 5mm fuel line (not pictured)
  • Throttle cable inner
  • Throttle cable trunnion
  • Manifold to cylinder gasket


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