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Innocenti: 19016120
BGM: BGM4481


Typically ships in 5-10 days. If you have any questions please contact us.


The bgm PRO Lambretta air filter is the ultimate replacement for all standardish Lambretta paper filter elements used with the original air box.

Thanks to the fine stainless steel mesh, the bgm PRO filter gives a excellent filtration. The air flow is significantly higher then standard paper filters giving your engine a nice power advantage.

These filters can be used straight from the box or can be optimized further by using air filter oil. For all standard engines the filtration is perfect as is however you may need to rejet your carb slightly richer due to the increased air flow.

Another advantage is that these filters can it be cleaned with brake cleaner or similar fluids. Much better than replacing the standard filter every 6.000 km when it is clogged by dust.


  • Higher airflow, hence more power
  • Perfect filtration
  • Washable/reusable

Fits all later Series 1 (non frame breather) and Series 2 models prior to 1961. Will also fit Spanish Eibar Series 2 models as well.

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