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BGM Pro ignition 12V conversion for Vespa Sprint, GT, GTR, VNA, VNB, VBB

This conversion set offers two major advantages:

  • Strong 12V alternator
  • Solid state ignition

This set is designed for perfect and easy retrofitting of old, contact-controlled motors with self-regulating electrical system. It adapts to the crankshaft of the old engines, but already used modern technology much later models.

The ignition set is suitable for all 125-150cc large frame Vespa, whose inlet is controlled via the crankshaft (rotary valve). Here sits the carburetor without additional intake, directly on the engine block in a bowl. In general known as Sprint-engine, here the so-called small cone is used for fastening of the rotor.

This type was already used long before the sprint models appeared, starting in 1957 with the introduction of the Vespa VNA. From then on millions of Vespa have used this very reliable engine. So many vehicles from the era 1957 up to 1977 can be provided with the BGM kit.

These include, for example, Vespa Sprint, VNA, VNB, VNC, VBA, VBB, Super etc.

Of course without replacing the crankshaft!

However, it is necessary to adjust the harness or ideally be replaced with our modern conversion wiring loom. This is essential since in a modern electrics the alternator to maximum power yield all light coils are connected in series and only an energized cable as output for on-board voltage is present. This is then passed to the limited on-board voltage to a constant 12-13Volt, thereby blowing the bulbs is prevented by surge to the voltage regulator. Only from the regulator, the current to the individual consumer is then passed. Our very powerful BGM alternator can be used by this technique, the high light output and ignition performance guarantees, even at low speeds.

In connection with our BGM 12V voltage regulator, this results in a very contemporary board electrics which in addition to a brilliant and powerful light output even gimmicks like a DC output for charging function of a cell phone or navigation device.

The new BGM Pro version uses a modified original DUCATI flywheel. This is provided in complex manual work with a made in Germany by BGM guidelines cone.

Thus, it has a perfect balancing, balance, ignition timing and durability!

  • Light version with only 1750 grams Inertia
  • Reliable Electronic Ignition - never again set contacts
  • very high light output with 12V power port
  • Cone: smaller type with Ø 20mm shaft seal surface dynamo side (Sprint)
  • Necessary changes: new harness + controller, 12V bulbs


  • Flywheel BGM PRO electronics 1750gr.
  • Stator plate bgm PRO V2.0 HP
  • CDI bgm original
  • Voltage regulator bgm PRO
  • Brake Light Switch DC
  • mounting materials


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