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BGM: BGM2105B4



BGM PRO BigBox Clubman V4 exhaust for Lambretta Series 1-3, DL/GP

The BGM Pro Clubman, with the low noise level and simple design of a standard exhaust, offers the same power and performance of an expansion chamber. Ideal for a discrete but fast ride. Unlike most expansion chamber exhausts, the Clubman is characterized by a homogeneous increase of power. The high torque reached at a lower rev range enables a stress-free and relaxed ride, while the original design of the exhaust can be perfectly combined with the look of a standard scooter. The wide range of power allows a high maximum speed.

The following features of the V4 model have been improved:

  • brazed brackets
  • reinforced brackets
  • improved insulation

The tried and tested features are:

  • same performance of an expansion chamber exhaust
  • low noise level
  • larger volume of the exhaust body
  • more ground clearance
  • exhaust stub for cylinder with round (TS1 & Co.) and oval (RaceTour, Mugello, Standard, …) exhaust port
  • Exhaust stub, downpipe and body with spring suspension
  • all critical spots are reinforced
  • suspension as for racing exhausts for a perfect and stress-free assembly
  • can be dismounted without having to remove the right side footboard or the cylinder cowl

The item contains all necessary fitting accessories.

Available in the following versions:

  • unpainted
  • painted, black
  • painted, silver


Things I've noticed about this thing, By Jon:

For the tail pipe clamp,

Seems the nut that is welded on doesn't line up with the hole in the clamp so well keeping the set screw from going all the way through on some of these. I run a tap through it to clear the way so the set screw can do it's job and not fall out. Tap size M6x1.00  


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