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BGM: BGM8011NR46


Typically ships in 5-10 days. If you have any questions please contact us.


The bgm PRO Lambretta Superstrong clutch is CNC machined from billet in Germany. It comes equipped with six racing red clutch plates, ten especially for this clutch made springs and five 1.5 mm steel discs. The clutch is a Plug & play solution that fits without any spacers or fiddling. The setup gives a slip and drag free clutch up to power outputs of 25 hp.

With stronger springs it is easy capable of much higher horsepower outputs.

All parts are highly precision machined from 42CrMo4.

The delivery contains:
- CNC rear sprocket 46 or 47 teeth
- extended CNC clutch spider
- CNC pressure plate with extra length for more room and no clutch drag
- adaptors to use the pressure plate for dl/GP or Li/SX
- CNC machined top plate offset for more clearance between top plate and kickstart shaft
- six racing red bgm PRO clutch plates
- five 1.5 mm steel plates
- ten especially made clutch springs for extra smooth operation
- bgm PRO clutch bush

The clutch pressure plate and spider can be used as single components to upgrade any other aftermarket 5 and 6 plate rear sprockets. As long as these are made to the original Innocenti measurements it is a straight fit. If not made to this spec some modifications might be needed.

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