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BGM: BGM8097


Typically ships in 5-10 days. If you have any questions please contact us.


The BGM PRO Super Strong Cosa clutch is a great plug and play solution - Made in Germany. You get a ready to mount clutch with the included uprated clutch springs which works fine in a power range up to 20hp / 22Nm. With separately available stiffer springs*, the clutch won’t let you down even with setups over 40 hp.


  • One-piece CNC machined clutch basket - Made in Germany.
  • The extremely robust design with a revolutionary hub offers a perfect and precise control
  • The hub is made of high-strength steel so that cracking of the hub is prevented.
  • The use of ten springs is designed for high torque setups with low effort at the lever.
  • Nitration hardened clutch basket, so worn out clutch baskets are history.
  • Thanks to the pressed sintered bush you always have accurate separation of your clutch.

Each clutch is subjected to quality control. Thus we assure you that we provide a working and ready to install clutch. The delivery of the complete clutch includes the ready to mount clutch with bgm PRO Cosa clutch plates, a new woodruff key, a suitable clutch nut and an O-ring for the clutch cover.

The number of teeth of the clutch is important for the length of the total reduction. It can also be varied. Possible combinations:

  • Original 20 teeth: 20T, 21T, 22T
  • Original 21 teeth: 20T, 21T, 22T
  • Original 22 teeth: 20T, 21T, 22T
  • Original 23 teeth: 21T, 23T, 24T*

* Special gear cog made by DRT with 24 teeth for 65 teeth original P200 primary gear.

For models up to 150cc it is necessary to remove the small cast aluminum nose in the engine casing in order to mount the clutch. This can even be bent very simple with a large plier. With some clutch covers the drip nose in the area of the radius has to be removed slightly.

The clutch can be mounted in all large frame Vespas. These are all vehicles whose FIN number starts with minimum three charakters at the beginning (e.g. VNB, VNL, VNX, ZAPM etc., the extra 1T, 2T, 3T is not considered) and which have the carburetor directly installed to the crankcase (not in frame or on the cylinder). Some old vehicles before the PX era with the thin washer (1.5 mm) below the clutch have to be exchanged against the PX models (3.3mm/item number 7671297).