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BGM Pro Electronic - Handmade in Germany

This flywheel is designed for perfect and easy retrofitting of old, point controlled ignitions with self-regulating electrical system. It adapts to the crankshaft of the old engines, but already used modern technology much later models.

Other parts such as the alternator, the regulator and some small parts still needed for conversion. We offer this as a complete kit (see options / accessories).

The flywheel is suitable for all rotary valve engines from 125-150cc of the so-called largeframe Vespa in the era from ~1957 to ~1977. General known as so-called Sprint engine, the carburetor sits directly onto the engine block (like on the later P-Range engines). The crankshaft cone which is used is smaller than the one on the P-Range.

Recognizable at this type of engine:

  • crankshaft nut wrench size: 14mm
  • Thread crankshaft: M11x1,50
  • shaft seal sits in sheet metal collar (20x40x7mm)

The production of the BGM Pro Electronic fan wheel is based on a high-quality original DUCATI flywheel. Therefore we're using a precise hand crafted "made in germany" special cone. Special shims and high tensile screws ensures a very solid connection.

The result is a superb flywheel which is concerning:

  • ignition
  • runout
  • fatigue strength
  • balancing

That it is with only 1750gr. also sporty yet simple, and so each engine helps to ensure a pleasant effervescence, is an additional nice feature.


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