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The bgm PRO Superstrong Smallframe clutch is the ultimate Plug & play solution – Made in Germany. You will get a ready to fit clutch that works perfectly up to a range of 25 hp at the rear wheel and 22 Nm torque.


  • Made in Germany
  • More surface area for better power transmission
  • Better life time thanks to more material
  • Smooth contact pressure because of 16 bgm PRO XL clutch springs
  • Can be used with Vespa PK XL1 or PK XL2 clutch cover
  • Solid made hub with inner thread
  • Succesfully tested up to 30 hp +
  • Plug & Play clutch, comes ready to fit

The hub, top and pressure plate are made from 42CrMo4. Die power transmission is done by the bgm Racing red clutch plates . The Vespa PK-XL / Vespa V50 clutch plates give more surface area to cope with power and torque. More material means better life time too. Smooth contact pressure by 16 bgm PRO XL springs The springs are used are the well known and established bgm Pro XL springs . Sixteen of those give a very good contact pressure and smooth to operate clutch.

Thanks to the quantity and the positioning of the springs on the highest possible radius, the clutch lever action is very good and it is easy to pull. Tilting or being putted cross wise of the two clutch pressure plates is avoided this way. Thanks to the perfect setting of spring stifness and quantity together with the solid made top plate, the clutch can even be easily operated with the PK XL1 clutch cover. Contact pressure of the bgm Pro XL springs and the friction coefficient of the reacing red plates are perfectly suited for powerful applications. One of the first samples was tested at our X-Mas duell engine with 30 hp.

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