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Not crazy about stripping your forks and welding upper damper mounts? Then give these clip on upper damper mounts in anodized black from BGM a try. Beautifully contstructed and finished as are all products from BGM. Fits all Lambretta Series 1-3 and DL/GP standard forks. Sold as a pair.

Information for mounting:

The first thing you need are fork links with damper mounts or alternatively a clip on lower damper mount and of course a pair of dampers. The distance between mounting points should be 218mm to 220mm (eye to eye). These will suit dampers with a width of 14mm to 18mm (examples are Casa, ScootRS, BGM, etc.). Depending on the width of the damper, they will require two, one, or no spacers (supplied) to bridge any gap where the dampers secure to the mount. Align the dampers parallel to the fork leg when viewing from the back. Tighten the upper mount hardware and then secure the dampers from the top and the bottom.

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