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Casa Performance: X8


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We were getting tired of the situation with the general poor quality of Lambretta crankshafts available on the market. All seemed to be afflicted with problems such webs twisting, poor balancing and dire bearings. In 2015, with the advent of the Casa Lambretta Racing Team and the need to have top quality engine components, we spent a lot of time with an Italian company who are renowned world leaders in the crankshaft production. They supplied us with cranks for the 38bhp Casa race scooters and were confident that we could “do all season without touching the cranks – guaranteed”. That was a tall order and a mega promise to make – especially considering the absolute thrashing the scooters got, from start to finish. At the end of the season, with the race scooters running well, we stripped the crankshafts down to inspect them and guess what? They were - and still are - EXACTLY as per the day we put them into the engines. The same goes for another three ‘test’ cranks we have run in tuned, road-going scooters over the last year, collectively clocking up thousands upon thousands of miles . All are still MINT and run perfectly true. Absolutely mental.

Now armed with the knowledge that these crankshafts are exactly what we were looking for, we have had them produced to sell to the public. There are various versions available and they are each balanced to work with specific piston weights. This is the version designed specifically for the Casa Performance SS200 kits, although this will work with other 200cc tuning kits that have pistons of the same weight. It has a 58mm x 107mm conrod.

This is NOT a cheapo budget crank. This does NOT need to be used in conjunction with packing plates due to it having an odd-sized motorcycle conrod adapted for use in a Lambretta crank. This IS a purpose-made Lambretta part which is quite simply the best ‘plug n’ play’ crankshaft money can buy, period. If you are tired of crankshaft problems and want the absolute best money can buy, look no further.

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