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This fantastic new product comes to us from Crazy Monkey Developments in Germany. What it does is allow your carburetor throttle cable to be routed with a much smaller profile and at any angle. Most carburetors are designed for motorcycles so the throttle cable routes straight down without consideration of all the bodywork and confined space of a Lambretta or Vespa. Cable routing has long been an issue with aftermarket carbs but thankfully CMD has solved this problem with their clever design and quality components.

When installing the Snakehead you will need to swap out the two screws holding your existing carb top for the ones provided. This model fits all Dellorto PHBL and Keihin PWK28 models.

The Snakehead offers:

  • A low profile allowing cables to be routed in tight spaces
  • 360 degrees of rotation
  • Buttery smooth cable operation
  • Complete with cable adjuster
  • Indestructable material

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