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SIP: 81055100


Typically ships in 5-10 days. If you have any questions please contact us.


50-125/PV/ET3/PK/S/XL/XL2/125/GT-TS/150 GL/GS VS5T/Sprint/V/T4/Rally/PX/PE/Lusso/T5, 2.10-10", open, anti-theft protection, front & rear, aluminium, polished, KBA 50133, valve premounted


The SIP rims have received official type-approval. The rims got the German KBA numbers. They managed all the necessary tests for a legal road-use on German roads. For sure, this will help also to legalize it in other countries.

Innovation in style, engineering and security. The new SIP tubeless rim, successful and reliable. This rim allows you to use tires without a tube. In case of a puncture a sudden air leak will be prevented, the air pressure will decrease slowly. Blown tires will be a thing of the past. So will valve tear offs or punctures due to tubes beeing trapped between the rims during assembly.

The SIP tubeless rim combines the advantages of a classic cast rim with a high production accuracy and quality. The design is a tubeless double hump rim. This hump prevents the tire from slipping into the rim well in case of a puncture. The rim rotation is very precise. The rim is aluminium cast and CNC machined. The surface finish is perfect. The valve is included and already mounted.

The rim is currently available in polished aluminium, black, black with polished edge and silver.

2.10-10: Perfect size for standard tires. The rim allows fitting tires from 3.00 up to 3.50-10. The rim fits on all 10 "brake drums, including PX`98 star brake drums and GRIMECA disc brake drums.The ABUS lock fits perfect on this present series . The inner shape was modified to speed up tyre fixing.

SIP has been successfully verified by the German ministry of transport and is now officially recognized as approved vehicle component manufacturer. The SIP brake caliper has also received official type-approval. From February 2015 on, the rims SIP 8105 got the German KBA number 50133. They managed all the necessary tests for a legal road-use on German roads. For sure, this will help also to legalize it in other countries.

Conclusion: innovative rim, high-quality workmanship, additional security. This product has successfully passed our long distance and fatigue test!

Aluminium rim, painted, 10x 2.10 inch, tubeless with:

  • Acorn nuts, wrench size of 12mm (0,472 inches), and with NORD-Lock washers
  • Long valves. The short ones cause problems on some old english petrol stations.
  • German ABE papers and mounting instruction

SIP-TIP: keep some tire sealant in your glove box.

ALSO AVAILABLE in different widths (2.25 and 2.5) for Vespa smallframes, GS, Rally, Etc. PLEASE INQUIRE