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BGM: BGM1212


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High quality BGM engine gasket sets with silicone coating for Vespa Largeframe (e.g. PX80-125-150-200 (all), Rally200, Cosa, Sprint Veloce).

A renowned Italian manufacturer produces the new BGM gasket sets. The sets are characterized by high quality sealing material (in 0.5mm fibres) and an additional silicone sealing coat. The silicone coating compensates smaller uneven sections or damages and therefore seals the engine effectively on the long run. Every gasket set comes with an info sheet, which depicts where you need to put the gaskets in a 1:1 scale. You will also find a recommendation for the sequence of tightening the engine casing bolts and the stipulated tightening torque of bolt nuts.

The gasket set has the advantage of securely sealing the trouble spot of the space for the kick start sprocket of Vespa Largeframe engines, preventing the engine of taking oil in. The silicone coat prevents the gasket of slipping, as long as the sealing surface is clean.

Fitting ordinary gaskets with liquid gaskets may cause the liquid to squeeze through the space between the halves of the engine casing, when putting these together. Just imagine a generously garnished hamburger. When you try to bite a bit off, the patty slips away and you are left with the two halves of the bread roll.

A gasket with silicone coating won’t have this effect. We have really focused on a tight fit. Once there is slight pressure on the silicone and the sealing surface, the coating will stick and the gasket won’t slip when you tighten the engine casing bolt. We have adapted the silicone coating and the gasket’s shape in order to have the gasket fit the engines of PX125 and PX200. Both the gasket of the casing halves and the gear selector box have a silicone coating.

The following gaskets are included:

  • Engine casing with silicone coating
  • Gear selector box with silicone coating
  • Between carburetor and oil sump 125
  • Between oil sump and engine 125
  • Between carburetor and oil sump 200
  • Between carburetor and engine 200
  • Oil pump
  • Cylinder base 125/150; 2 channels; 0.2mm
  • Cylinder base 125/150; 3 channels; 0.2mm
  • Cylinder base 200; 0.2mm
  • Oil intake and drain plug
  • O-ring kick start shaft
  • O-ring brake cam
  • O-ring clutch arm lever
  • O-ring clutch cover
  • O-ring brake dust cover

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