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In cooperation with a specially tuned mix of materials for excellent grip the K 80 SR is the long-awaited innovation on the scooter tire market. The special arrangement of the tread grooves as well as the new developed carcass enable an excellent straight line stability and line loyalty during rapid cornering. The superior sidewall construction alone blows away the popular Michelin S1 and Continental Zippy tires. These are the best quality tires on the market today. Made in Germany.


  • Excellent traction control at very tight curves and fast direction changes
  • Very high driving stability in curves as well as on straight track
  • Great braking performance in both wet and dry conditions
  • Long-life performance because of a low tire wear
  • High riding comfort due strong internal feedback and very precise handling
  • Low rolling resistance for optimum fuel consumption
  • Load/speed rating = 61M TL






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