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Casa Performance: X210


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Before you is the future - the incredible new Casa Performance CasaCase. This engine casing allows the fitment of all manner of cylinders, from air-cooled to water-cooled. This engine casing is revolutionary in being extremely robust and has untold technical solutions. Expensive? Yes, but when you add up what you get with the CasaCase versus either restoring, finding, or having a shop build your engine, you're not that far off in terms of pricing.


  • Largest gasket face of any production engine casing ever made
  • Ability to accept a wider range of specialty crankshafts
  • Can accept anything from a stock 200 cylinder all the way up to the new Casa Performance twin cylinder
  • Special side case covers offered for larger 7 plate clutches
  • Price includes case, crankshaft, mag flange, rear brake backing plate, and all bearings/seals unique to this case
  • Everything else is backwards compatible
  • Current crankshaft options are:
    58mm stroke x 110mm rod
    60mm stroke x 110mm rod
    62mm stroke x 110mm rod
    62mm stroke x 120mm rod

This engine casing has been developed by the guys at Rimini Lambretta Centre exclusively for the Casa Performance line. The idea was to make the casing as adaptable and affordable as possible. This is a mass-market solution rather than a high-end piece of exotica. We want to make the CasaCase the ONLY choice for Lambrettisti, both for the amazing technical advantages it has over all comparative products AND economically speaking.

Some of the unique featres of the CasaCase are that it is highly adaptable and can accept stock cylinders or be machined to suit a selection of outrageous large capacity 2=stroke cylinders including some forthcoming Casa Performance kits which are expected to make in excess of 55hp. The crank area castings are designed to split vertically in order to fit a crankshaft rather than loading via the mag housing orifice. Also, the casaCase is designed around wider, larger diamter, longer-stroke cranksjafts made by top Italian cranksjaft specialists Primatist. The crank for this engine will be 100mm diameter and 50mm across the big-end (instead of 40.5mm). Ther is a veritable range of cranks available with strokes ranging from 58mm up to 64mm and a choice of 110mm or 120mm conrods. For those wishing to push ttings even further, there is enough meat on the casings to stroke out to 68mm - or even more if required.

Other  important  features  of  the  CasaCase  casings are  that  they  use  a  special  slim  drive-side  bearing that maintains the con-rod axis in the  standard position. This means that all current types of Lambretta performance exhaust can beused without modification. The castings for the engine  mounts are MASSIVE and mentally strong. This was an important safety measure for us after the Casa Lambretta Racing Team’s riders snapped two standard casings during the European ESC race series and cracked another at Cadwell Park in 2015. One immediately obvious improvement over  all other Lambretta casings on the market –  standard or otherwise – is the massively-enlarged gasket face area allowing the fitment of anything from conventional Lambretta barrels to extreme exotica. Hence why we are confident in the boast that the CasaCases “have the larges  gasket face of  any Lambretta engine in the Universe.”

The Casa Performance casing is also designed to take two new SS cylinder kits which are on the way. These exploit external studs which permits  improved internal porting without the limitations imposed on normal Lambretta kits and stud patterns. This modification makes it possible to release  more power for the same capacity. These new Casa SS kits are a 225cc kit with 58mm stroke and 70mm piston and a 250cc kit with 64mm stroke and a 70mm piston.  Both will be available as both air cooled and water cooled. A third option is being developed that uses a 78mm bore and a  72mm stroke crank, giving a 345cc engine capacity. However despite the massive engine size, we are confident that the same power can be obtained from the 250cc configuration.

The CasaCases take all standard Lambretta gearbox components but have been designed to accept a tidal- wave of forthcoming alterations, modifications and beefed- up parts. The most notable is a special side casing - called the CasaCover – which is being manufactured with room for a bigger 7-plate clutch!  This incredible unit is designed to easily take up to 60bhp and has a built in motocross type cush-drive. Visually, the  CasaCover is a work of art and has an improved clutch actuator, using a rack and pinion mechanism (similar to the Vespa PK XL) to offer the lightest possible clutch action. The CasaCover is designed to be backwards-compatible as it is possible to use the new super-clutch on normal Lambretta  engines when fitted in conjunction with the new side-casing. A special, forged, 10mm-longer kickstart shaft is being manufactured for the CasaCover.

Another particularly interesting aspect of this engine is the rear  brake  set-up. Again, this is reverse-compatible with Lambretta drum-brake  components, however there are two innovative and upgraded solutions on offer to improve matters.  A twin leading-shoe drum brake conversion will  be offered.  This uses a cam at both ends of the shoes to massively improve brake performance, using the same method employed on all vintage GP bikes. Another upgrade option is an external rear hydraulic disc brake conversion which is undergoing testing.

Once production is at full chat, we’ll be offering bare casings, casings with cranks and full ready-built ‘plug  ‘n’ play’ engines for your Casa Performance dealer to simply fit and you to enjoy!

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