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Casa: C351



Dark blue dual cover for 'Wide-back' Giuliari Lambretta TV175 seats. There are a million different Lambretta seats and not all of them have dedicated remade covers, as most of us have found out at some point. One of the more common Lambretta seats that fell into this category was the ‘Wide-back’ Giuliari dual seats fitted by Innocenti to some TV175 Series 2 and early Series 3 TV175 machines.  

These ‘Wide-back’ seats are wider, lower and longer than their other Giuliari counterparts and until now, there were no dedicated remade covers for these seats, despite the fact they are actually quite common. The backs of these particular seats are very squared-off and angular (hence their name) and another feature that makes these seats easy to identify is their weird spring arrangement. Until now, owners of machines with these seats have had to get custom-made covers - or resort to changing their seat. Vittorio Tessera has just changed all that and the covers for these seats have been added to the ever-increasing Casa Lambretta range of parts.

Highest quality seat cover available. Made in Italy by Casa Lambretta.

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