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BGM flywheel nut - Made in Germany. This is a perfectly suited flywheel nut for all Li/SX/TV tapered flywheels and for both versions of the bgm PRO 12v flywheel (DL/GP and Li/SX). Stonger, wider, better than Indian flywheel nuts.




  • Biggest outer diameter possible to get a perfect pressure surface between nut, washer and crank
  • Pressure on the complete area instead of a small edge of crank and nut.
  • Thanks to the 42CrMo4 material used, even the metric fine thread sustains the required torque figures (75 Nm / 55 lbs-ft) easily and can be re-used without hesitation.
  • Made in Germany


Things I've noticed about this thing, By Jon: 

I check every single one of these flywheel nuts before I send them out to make sure they thread onto a crankhaft easily. If they don't go onto your crankshaft with little to no effort something is wrong with your crankshaft, check the threads and repair as needed. Get a metric thread file, I use mine almost daily. Don't forget these are reverse thread and can be difficult and expensive to repair, usually you will have to replace the crankshaft if the threads are not up to the job. Thread size, M12x1.00 LH



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