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Casa Performance: X175


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An all new close ratio gearbox designed for all Series 1-3, DL/GP, and Spanish Lambrettas. These ratios were chosen by Vittorio Tessera to offer a cheaper sporting alternatve to the Cyclone 5-speed gearbox. This gearbox features a forged gear cluster and has been extensively race track tested.

The gearbox features an interesting set of tooth combinations which is similar to the old MSC close ration apart from the second gear.

  • First gear = 11-50 (same as Li150)
  • Second gear = 14-41 with 55% rise (same as Li150)
  • Third gear = 16-39 with 20% rise (same as Li125)
  • Fourth gear = 18-36 with 22% rise (same as GP 200)

Advantages of this gear box are:

  • Close, even ratio jumps of around 20% from 2nd to 3rd and from 3rd to 4th
  • Exact same final drive ratio in 4th gear as the GP200 gearbox
  • Top gear will give approx. 9.43mph per 1,000rpm with an 18x47 sprocket combination

This last point is important because it means that you'll need to run a big front sprocket (18 tooth or more) with most tuned engine conversions.

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