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Innocenti: 19032001
Casa: L119zs



New! Set of 3 x extended neck adjusters for control cables on top of engine (stainless)

A while ago we had the job of working on a Serveta for a local customer and she complained that the clutch operation was too heavy - despite the fact it was totally standard and fitted with the softest springs available. Upon checking, it was indeed harder at the lever than it should have been and teflon-lined cables had already been fitted. Noticing the off-set angle at which the outer cable entered the cable adjuster on top of the engine, we aligned it by hand, and hey presto! the clutch instantly became super-light. It was obvious that standard Lambretta cable adjusters are too imprecise in the way they are manufactured and the 'neck' of each part, is too short to align the outer cable into a correct linear position. After checking various versions available on the market, some were so loose / slack that the outer cables could be moved to a 40° off-set angle!

Therefore we have had adjusters made to our design and they have a longer, extended  'neck' that sort this problem out. The outer cables are now guided into perfect alignment. The result is that gearchange operation becomes precise and clutches become light to use.

Available in both zinc plated or stainless steel finishes, they are plug n' play parts and represent a very cheap way of obtaining light controls.

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