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Casa Performance: X33r47


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‘X33r PowerMaster CushDrive’ 7 plate clutches have now been released onto the market and these are the first dedicated mass-produced Lambretta clutches with an integral cushdrive in the lower section designed for all tuned engines. All parts are Italian made to the highest possible standards, with NO compromises whatsover taking during the manufacturing process.

The idea of the cushdrive is that this drastically reduces the ‘shock’ of the power output being transmitted to the gearbox during harsh riding or quick gearchanging. This concept has been used with great success for years in motorcycle and kart circles, and even Innocenti tried a similar system with their Series 1 and 2 models, albeit using a system capable of withstanding very limited power. Originally, a BSG-designed cushdrive clutch is what this was based upon, although the design was heavily altered and then perfected, after extensive testing by the Casa Lambretta Racing Team. The new Casa Performance clutches use rubber buffer ‘rings’ made of a material specifically designed for cushdrive. There are seven friction plates. These are the clutches used in the new Casa Performance ‘SSR250’ and ‘SSR265Scuderia’ engines which put out 47bhp as standard. 


Twelve springs are supplied with each clutch and the number of springs can be reduced as needed, for example: a SSR265 Scuderia with 47bhp will need all 12 springs, whereas a Mugello 186 with 10bhp will probably only need 4.

For now, the PowerMaster Cushdrive clutches are available in 47T and 48T crownwheel sizes and the actual toothed crownwheels can be swopped over and changed, as they are available to purchase separately. 46T size clutches were not possible to manufacture due to the physical diameter of the cushdrive clutch basket section being too close to the actual teeth of the crownwheel for comfort. This shouldn’t prove to be a problem though as the difference between 46T and 47T / 48T sizes will have minimal effect on gearing ratios and with the Casa Performance OTT top chain guide, chain length and relative adjustment is also no issue. 

Casa Performance have put a lot of time and consideration into resolving some of the issues found on other aftermarket clutches to ensure that the PowerMaster Cushdrive clutches are perfect in quality, fitment and access. These clutches can be dismantled simply by removing the central ‘Thrust Bearing’ disc and you have instant access to the 22mm main clutch / cluster nut, so no clutch compressor tool is required. The high-quality Thrust Bearing system was designed after problems were found with other clutches on the market suffering from the central pressure button locking up and even welding itself together due to excessive heat build-up. No chance of that happening with the PowerMaster.

The PowerMaster CushDrive clutch is a plug n’ play part for ALL Italian, Spanish or Indian Lambretta engines, including new generation engines such as CasaCases , Gran Turismo and Misano engines. Being 1cm taller than a normal Lambretta clutch, you will either need to use this clutch with a X240 CasaCover sidecasing 
(which will also give you the added advantage of feather light clutch lever action at the handlebars) or a 1cm spacer between the engine casing and the original type sidecasing.

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