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Casa Performance: X55


Typically ships in 7-14 days. If you have any questions please contact us.


This is the 'Protti / Casa Performance' expansion chamber for Lambretta's fitted with SSR250 and SSR265 Scuderia performance kits (choice). 

So who is Fabio Protti? He used to work on the Grand Prix 2 stroke race bikes for companies such as Aprilia and Derbi, before 2 strokes were abolished. Now he has turned his many talents to working with Casa Lambretta to produce some of the best working (and looking) exhausts on the market. He designs exhausts exclusively for Casa Performance and the results have been astonishing. These were extensively tested last year, both on road going scooters and on the 'Casa Lambretta Racing Team' scooters with incredible success, helping us take the BSSO Group 6 title. 

If you have an Casa Performance SSR250 or SSR265 Scuderia and want the absolute best there is, then there really is only one choice - and this is it. Period.