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Italian made rear layshaft axle! PERFECT FOR CYCLONE 5 SPEED GEARBOXES! The problem of Lambretta layshafts – as in, finding decent ones – has become ever more evident of late with most Innocenti / Serveta parts having all but disappeared. Very few SIL Indian parts were acceptable but nearly all the remade layshafts had their spring and plunger-ball holes in er….‘unique’ places. This is turn meant that the sliding dog gear selector leg ‘ends’ were not always placed perfectly central between 1st and 2nd gears, when in the neutral position. In simple layman’s terms, this causes a ‘clicking’ sound when the scooter is in neutral as invariably these ‘ends’ slightly catch the internal recesses of the second gear. In worst case scenario’s, the scooter can jump into 2nd gear when in neutral , possibly breaking gearbox components when doing so. The problem was more evident with 5 speed gearboxes where precise shimming and set-up are required. Using original Innocenti drawings and NOS components to obtain measurements, Rimini Lambretta Centre and Casa Lambretta head-honcho Vittorio Tessera, set about getting the problem sorted once and for all. To ensure maximum strength, we had the parts forged and then machined. The result? Super strong Lambretta layshafts that are PERFECT for either 4 or 5 speed gearboxes, suitable for any Lambretta Series 1,2, 3, GP DL or Serveta.

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