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The Buzzwangle kit is special tool for measuring and setting both ignition and port timing on a wide variety of scooter engines. The 4-way threaded tool invented by Sticky (of The Complete Spanner’s Lambretta Manual & SLUK) is designed to fit directly to the flywheels of almost all Vespa and Lambretta models. Besides the standard threads there are also threads for Vespatronic and Parmakit ignitions.


The kit includes the top quality Buzzwangle-o-meter (360-degree digital inclinometer) which magnetically attaches to the chromed steel Buzzwangle and reads to a resolution of 0.1 degrees.


The set also includes an adjustable-length piston stop tool designed to suit side or centre-plug heads and is accessible inside deep cowlings. The piston stopper even includes a slot through the thread so that you can spin the crankshaft without encountering compression resistance. Sticky and TSR really thought about the little details.


FASTER: This is absolutely the quickest way to make timing marks or measure port timing. Simply screw to your flywheel and lock in place with the centre screw.

EASIER: The tool is designed to fit to most ignitions – on a wide range of scooters – often without even needing to remove the flywheel nut.

MORE ACCURATE: To make truly accurate readings your measurement equipment can’t have any slack or movement. The Buzzwangle tool can be locked rigidly into position directly on the flywheel. It doesn’t use any rubber parts, clamped-on degree discs or ill-fitting sockets, so it offers the best level of accuracy for ignition and port timing. You can now set you timing to tenths of a degree.


This is now the preferred timing tool for many respected scooter businesses such as AF Rayspeed, Rimini Lambretta Centre and Scooter Surgery. If you want to do things the professional way then you should use a Buzzwangle.


All three parts (Buzzwangle tool, meter and piston stop) come in a specific storage box and there is a dedicated website at www.Buzzwangle.com offering full support and instructions. The only thing you need to add to time almost any scooter is a quality strobe light.


“…this is the right way” – Scootering Magazine


What does it fit?

Buzzwangle Tool #1 has four different threads to mount to a massive range of flywheels.


This version fits the following:

  • All SIP ignitions for Vespa and Lambretta
  • M27x1.0 right hand thread ‘VT’ – Vespatronic, many Honda models with Kokusan ignition, many Gas Gas models. It does not fit models with a left-hand thread e.g. FS1E RD, RZ
  • M27x1.25 right hand thread ‘L’ – Lambretta (most models), Powerdynamo ignitions. MZ (some models), Ducati (many ignitions), Motoplat (some ignitions),
  • M28x1.0 right hand thread ‘V’ – most manual gearchange Vespa and LML models, many Piaggio and Gilera scooters.
  • M24x1.0 right hand thread ‘P’ – Latest Parmakit Vespa ignitions and many 50cc models from Yamaha, MBK, Peugeot, Honda and Kymco. Mitsuba flywheel.