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Museo Scooter and Lambretta, A Century of Travel on Two Wheels. 118 historic scooters by Vittorio Tessera (Casa Lambretta). Hard cover, 260 pages in English and Italian.

For those who have never been to Vittorio's magnificent Museum outside Milan or for those that have, you can now have a look at his spectacular collection of scooters here in this special book he has published. Vittorios collection starts from the very first scooter from 1908 (Auto-Fauteuil) produced in France, through a whole selection of scooters produced throughout the world which had their own special features in the development of the scooter as a mode of transportation. It also features 36 scooters in the Lambretta Section, which includes prototypes such as the twin, and many others. His collection also features 10 Vespas ranging from the 98 to the ET3.

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