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Complete set of all cables required (no speedo) for any Series 1-3 GP/DL Lambretta. The cables are Teflon lined and the inner cables are plated for smooth and easy operation. This latest redesigned version is new and improved with wound rather than braided cables to prevent excessive stretching. The cable ends have also been changed to the original pear shape and include the cable barrel ends. Also included are two throttle cable inners - one for stock carbs and one for aftermarket carbs.

The complete set includes:

  • Front brake cable
  • Rear brake cable
  • Clutch cable
  • Gear cables (x2)
  • Throttle cable
  • Choke cable
  • All inner cables + extra throttle cable for aftermarket carbs
  • Throttle cable trunnion
  • Barrel ends

Also included is a handy cable routing guide.

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